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Made for the Fallen Broken Street Beanie company. A surreal adventure through the effected mind of a young girl as she experiences the cozziness and mayhem respectively of donning a fallen broken street beanie. There is multi coloured wool in all our heads.
Especially Diva Cory and Justin Crawford

Shot at Ollies Byron film warehome on a summers afternoon and on the streets of brooklyn N.Y. in the drizzle and snow. Using a canon 5d mk 3 and a gopro (weather proofing appreciated)

Featuring the “moon goddess puppet” created by Marisa Fior at the eclipse festival 2012 (see end of the world film). Operated by frimmy co founder of beanies and hats.

Nightmare music by Joel Wood (swamprattt)
Day dream Music by Cole Connolly
Day Dream Colour Grade by Sean Patrick McAuliffe