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Reality by Lionheir

This is the music video for Lionheir’s, Reality, i interpreted the lyrics and found great parallels to the Christmas tree situation.

Filmed on the streets of new york over the january period, when the sidewalks are clogged with the christmas trees.

150,000 trees are thrown out over a two week period, a small part of the $1 billion dollar Christmas tree business.

The alternative is a living tree for rental, still has a humans rule ring to it… but possibly less destructive.

If we are going to continue this disposable tree business then mayby we could do something creative with all the dead trees.

Possibly a late january tree burning/animating festival to honor their existence and have a great party?

Something to think about, cos i dont see christmas become any less popular in future years, its not a passing trend, seems to be quite established.

Shot on the canon 5d mk 3 using only stills and burst shoot.

thanks to my dad Nicholas Buckworth for helping and getting me to new york to see the family, sorry i spent most of my time with the trees.

thanks to sarah  my cool cousin for helping move some trees and Jeoff for being my NY man on the ground..