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Oliver Buckworth & Oliver Marcolin


Ask yourself “What Would MacGyver Do?” MacGyver would leverage creativity and the resources at-hand instead of looking elsewhere for the answers. We believe in the importance of maximizing partnerships, realizing the potential of our team, not turning to “more money” as the answer, running a lean operation, and in short, doing as MacGyver would do.


We push for open communication even when it’s tough. Whether that means being transparent about our failures publicly or creating the conditions for authentic communication within our teams. We have chosen to embrace honesty, and sometimes awkwardness, as the path to an incredible team and a brand worth believing in. It’s simple: Don’t bullshit yourself or others.


The quality of people across the table is paramount to any team member, partnership, investment, or deal, and there are no exceptions on this rule. We only do business with people we love working with: individuals we admire both personally & professionally.


Another way to put this is “Adapt > Plan.” If you plan too much, you will be irrelevant. At the end of the day, you cannot read to learn how to ride a bike. You simply have to start pedaling. Our culture is one of learn-by-doing, rapid-prototyping, and a healthy dose of experimentation.